Fox News – We’re Foxy!

What’s so bad about Fox News? I do think they report more about sad things like murders on our local Channel 11, and I don’t like our local news team much. But when Obama’s task force starts trying to exclude them from national media events & announcements, it does make the White House look a little “sensitive.” Man up over there.

Obama says no, Fox News

In this cartoon, I’m saying that they do put a negative spin on Obama (“bad info”) at times. :) But geez, everyone’s entitled to an opinion. And he hit them first! This time!

Mike Luckovich’s cartoon after the jump.

Great Halloween cartoon of haunted house!

Two cartoons here from the impressive Daryl Cagle’s roster of Cagle Cartoons. This first one is another example of a Cartoon I wish I had done.

limited palette

From David Fitzsimmons, a beautiful example of limited palette that I talked about in my earlier post! Just oranges, browns and yellow – great colors for a Halloween cartoon, but it never would have occurred to me to use them like this. I didn’t even get the joke at first, I was so taken by the drawing – I thought it was one of those haunted houses that you pay to go in – which shows you where my mind is at. But this couple is buying it! Well, we all know murders have to be disclosed when a house is for sale. Even when apartments are rented, in Los Angeles. So maybe they should have told me when I moved here that one of the Charlie Manson murders happened just up the street?! (JK, I love this place!) (But yeah, it did.)

Caption for cartoon: They say it’s haunted by the young family who lost everything way back in 2009…and Foreclosed. Enjoy!

A rather odd cartoon after the jump, which is – well, it’s strange. I think you could say it would fit well in Cartoons I’m Glad I Didn’t Do.

An odd couple of cartoonists.

Spotted this the other day on Facebook: Facebook | Tom Tomorrow and Ted Rall Appreciation Society.

What do Tom Tomorrow and Ted Rall have in common?! They both begin with T.

Ted Rall has a particularly interesting name, only 7 letters. He wrote last week that his last name was the the answer to a crossword puzzle in the LA Times! That, my friends, is fame for a cartoonist. His website is only 4 letters, rall. That’s neat.

On Gocomics he is the most often subscribed to person in Editorial Cartoons. (I am number 5 from the bottom. In the old Gocomics of 2 months ago, which I MUCH preferred, for layout, presentation of the cartoons, favorite stars – which actually worked then- they also compared length of time on the site, and numbers of cartoons up, when they listed subscriber numbers. Now, they don’t, even though I’m the newest cartoonist in there. I just look unpopular.)

Of course, I could be both. :)

I couldn’t remember Tom Tomorrow, so I just went to look him up. I mean I knew his name, but I don’t read alternative papers much. Now I see what they have in common: they both have a lot of explanation in the top of each panel. Although it appears TT has about 3 or 4 times as much. Plus he has photoshopped photos in back of the cartoon part.

I like Ted, but I will leave it to someone else to explain why Tom Tomorrow has an Appreciation Society. I’m sure I couldn’t do him justice.

Cartoons I’m happy I didn’t do.

Bob Gorrell cartoon from Gocomics
I blog, therefore I am ©Bob Gorrell

To see original, and possibly comments on Gocomics: here.

What can I say? This “trend” of blogging is about 5 years too old, yet the cartoon was done just yesterday. I don’t know this cartoonist, but he worked at a paper and now he’s syndicated. He doesn’t look that old…and yet…ah, gee, this is just so bad.

I won’t even comment on it being a nerd. Has he checked out MSM lately? Or SAHMs who I think are the biggest growing group of bloggers in the world? (And so happy I don’t read them!) read more

Cartoons I wish I had thought of first.

Cartoon by Dana Summers, from Gocomics. You can find all of his work (and mine!) there for free.

I don’t usually read other editorial cartoonists. I don’t want to be influenced by them too much! But 2 or 3 times a month I look at some to see what topics they’ve covered, or haven’t, so I can decide what to do next, or to find out what’s important to cover, because they have tons more experience than I do.

I also don’t usually laugh at most political cartoons, but I thought this was a good clear drawing by Mr. Summers, a good punchline, with the extra bon mots of using the sock imagery, and, maybe most importantly, how I feel about Ms. Sotomayor.  At least when she spoke those words, a few years ago, there was a tiny bit of racism there, you must admit. read more

Ted Rall scolds Time Magazine for their Top 10 cartoons.

OOh, great dustup on Time Magazine’s list of Best Editorial Cartoons of 2008!

You’ll have to decide for yourself if they made the right decision, and if these cartoons are the BEST. My opinion? (taking into consideration I only started to read editorial cartoons 9 months ago.) I didn’t understand 2 of them. One is terrible, not even a cartoon, and is only self-promotion by Time. The Oz one is a nice drawing.

Anyway, Ted Rall thinks the editors there suck. Ted is a well known syndicated political cartoonist, radio guy, and no doubt creator of other things I don’t know about. He is also editor at a syndicate (don’t know which one) and president of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists. He got mad at Time’s lame editorial picks, and let them have it! Daily Cartoonist published his letter in full, and here is an excerpt:

Your list of the Top 10 Editorial Cartoons of 2008 is an insult to editorial cartoonists, many of whom are losing their jobs to the economic downturn in the newspaper industry. In 2008 hundreds of brilliant political cartoonists produced thousands of hard-hitting, thought-provoking and hilarious cartoons about everything from the flash in the pan that was Sarah Palin to the rise of Barack Obama, and all you could come up with was this phoned-in crap?

More at the link! Well, when has a cartoonist ever kept his mouth shut when he sees bad work? Not I. One bad cartoonist spoils the place for everyone.