Meg Whitman’s maid has nothing on John and Ken.

jerry brown, meg whitman, and meg whitman's maid cartoon
jerry brown, meg whitman, and meg whitman's maid cartoon

Ooh, poor Meg Whitman. It doesn’t look good for her now. Not because of the loathsome disloyal maid, but I guess people just don’t like Meg enough.

Personally, I didn’t like her double-speak about illegal aliens, where she said one thing in English and another in Spanish. Um, we have translators here, Meg, not to mention a few bilingual folks.

But was there another reason Meg is failing in the polls? Come back later today when I give you the story of what I learned from John Kobylt (of John and Ken show at KFI – biggest talk show in the country) when he spoke at the LA Press Club tonight!!! read more

Happy Halloween to the White House Scrooge.

I’ve never been attracted to drugs. Okay, I may have tried a couple of things in college, but BOR-ING.

Still, I have thought we should legalize marijuana forever. WTH, why is tobacco so good for you, yet pot isn’t? They both smell hideous, and they’re both addictive, but let people have what they want and  let’s get rid of the drug dealers, petty arrests, etc.

Prop 19 is California’s attempt to do this. However, as happens way too often, the big fat government had to stick their nose in our business and like Supernanny, give us a Stern Warning. From the Wapost:

Attorney General Eric Holder is warning that the federal government will not look the other way, as it has with medical marijuana, if voters next month make California the first state to legalize pot.

The comments in a letter to ex-federal drug enforcement chiefs were the attorney general’s most direct statement yet against Proposition 19 and set up another showdown with California over marijuana if the measure passes.

With Prop 19 leading in the polls, the letter also raised questions about the extent to which federal drug agents would go into communities across the state to catch small-time users and dealers, or whether they even had the resources to do it.

The Post says approval is high. But the LA Times says they found likely voters opposing the measure 51% to 39%.

But supporters of the initiative have not raised enough money to run the television advertisements needed to reach voters across the state.

Gah, get it together, guys. This ineffective campaigning doesn’t say anything positive about the smokers, does it.

Caption for Google: THE WHITE HOUSE WITCH. Hanging skeleton holds Prop 19 sign. Witch at door of White House holding bowl of ciggies with 2 trick or treaters: No marijuana here, kids. Just good old-fashioned tobacco!

I had fun picking out the green for her hands. I had her all in black, witch is appropriate, but not that visually interesting. Then I saw a photo on Facebook of a friend’s (rented) costume, so I added the symbols in her hat, and the fringe on her sleeves. And then I remembered that I had a really great sterling silver b

Governor Schwarzenegger’s Bequest – Toot, toot!

Arnold is leaving the building. That is kind of sad, but at least he doesn’t leave in a wimp like way, but in a very Germanic, dig in his heels, fairly consistent way. I still respect him, even though I totally believed the LA Times article before his election that he is not worthy of being a husband and treats women disrespectfully. And there’s even more of him here, with a small photo that shows him pawing a UK talk show host!

Also, not always Republican, no. Let’s call him Republican lite. read more

Carly Fiorina would look good in shiny black leather.

Carly Fiorina cartoon for your viewing pleasure. I’ll leave it to your imagination about the whip part, but wouldn’t she look fine?

My friend Diane met Carly Simon, but I met Carly Fiorina, who’s running against Barbara Boxer as US Senator. Diane shared an entire lovely dinner and conversation with her Carly, (the singer) and her director boyfriend; I talked with Carly Fiorina for only a  minute, but hey, her bodyguard (?) and PR person smiled at me. And we didn’t share anything to eat, but it was at the Western Foodservice Convention (restaurants, you know. I do a restaurant cartoon, Daily Special, for a lot of papers. Very fun.) so there was food in our surrounding area – think of school lunchrooms.

I wanted to ask her hard-hitting questions, like how she feels about animal rights. Or Prop 8, illegals, that sort of thing. But ABC and KTLA were also there filming, and I’m not going to get caught on tape, oh, no!

So I just  introduced myself as a cartoonist for Slate and various papers, and told her I was glad to meet her in person because I like to draw flattering cartoons of people, not ugly ones. Everyone smiled at that!

She’s actually much prettier than she appears in TV ads – that takes skill, making someone look worse on camera. I met one of her campaign people at LA Observed’s latest rooftop party; he was talking with the famous and fascinating Mickey Kaus, who I’ve known for quite a while, and this guy (who didn’t have a card!) asked if he could use one of my cartoons in a Youtube video of her. No you may not! Unless we can come to a happy agreement. 

Here is my sheep cartoon about the weird youtube sheep ad she paid for to win against Tom Campbell, and I drew a vulture cartoon (Sorry, no link now. Uclick threw away 2 years of my cartoons on Slate, Gocomics and Yahoo News when they kicked me out of Gocomics.) of her and Meg Whitman after their wins.

See what I mean about animal rights?

More comments on this cartoon on GoComics (no link now).

Caption: Carly Fiorina cartoon. Campaign headquarters for Carly Fiorina for US Sen

The Meg Whitman Fork-tongued Doll.

Oh, Meg. Did you learn your doublespeak in Ebay, ignoring your eager buyers and tricking your loyal sellers?

Time for a Meg Whitman cartoon. The doll is a plus. I have been wanting to sell on ebay for AGES, even though I have bought from there many times, until a few years ago, when I got 4 negatives in a row because I complained about sellers selling fountain pens (which I use to draw, and I was in the middle of a book at the time) that were totally broken!!! Once one seller saw a neg on me, they all piled on. Infuriating, since they all LIED in their descriptions!!

But now I’m ready to sell a few things. But in the last year or so, the power all turned south, to the buyers, instead of the sellers. Now sellers can’t even give a negative to deadbeat buyers! And they get dinged for the stupidest things. And have many more fees to pay, of course. Meg, your ebay sucks. How did you screw it all up? I read that the reason you made changes was that buyers stopped coming. Well, poking sellers isn’t going to fix that problem, is it.

Anyway, the latest thing you’ve done is suck up to illegal aliens. Only in Spanish, of course, so we can’t hear what you’re saying. 

NBC covers it here:

She never endorsed the Arizona immigration law but was carefully nuanced in her responses on the issue. Now Whitman is tailoring her pitch to a different audience. In Spanish language media she is proclaiming her opposition to both Prop 187 and Arizona’s SB 1070 (one billboard quotes Whitman in bold type ̶

California Elections are coming, California elections are coming, etc

shave the blue off of California
shave the blue off of California

That title should make an interesting permalink.

But they are coming! November 2! Anxiety! Pressure! My goal is to publish one cartoon a day for this week. And I’m starting off with one that I just love, that is also colorful! Is it mean, as well? I’m sure the libs think so.

I did this one for CalWatchdog, of course, and one of the great things there is that my editor, Steve Greenhut, gets my humor every time! When I started doing California cartoons for them in January of this year, I knew just about what everyone living here knows about the state – not much. Arnold. Complaints about the budget. And how very liberal California is, a true blue state. read more