When the news is boring, I cry.

government shutdown cartoon
government shutdown cartoon

I mean, really, who didn’t know this was going to happen?

NO WAY was any government going to stop. Their last minute drama failed. Such a boondoggle. (Is that the right word? It should be.) But at the link is a  fellow who believes the government COULD have shut down, however.

Sometimes I wish I had a job in the government. So safe, secure, the pension, easy. Of course, you would have to be able to tolerate some rather common fellow workers, but you could just pretend you were in The Office, and having a good time. (That really is one of my favorite shows – at least the syndicated seasons, not this one, which is why a gov’t job doesn’t look so bad now.) read more

Editorial cartoons for LA Times, April 2010.

Last week Joel Pett included a cartoon from Pulitzer Prize 2010 winner Mark Fiore in his selection of cartoons for the LA Times. He had to go back 10 years to find a cartoon by Fiore. This is because Fiore is an animator now, not a cartoonist, and hasn’t done cartoons for years. Is the Pulitzer Prize committee so terrified of the direction of journalism that they have to give an editorial prize to a MOVIE? Apparently, yes.

(Animation is included in the Academy Awards because it is a movie. It’s not in print anywhere, because it’s a movie. It has pages of dialogue, sound, music, voices, and much movie software because it’s a movie. It’s only in a handful of venues online because it uses up a hella lot of bandwidth, since it’s a movie.)

It looks like the Pulitzer judges can no longer be trusted to judge cartoons. I’m going to look into this further, and if this is the case, I’ll do my own judging for the Pulitzers next year, thanks.

Back to this week’s REAL cartoons that I think are best for the Los Angeles Times!

Dan Wasserman of Gocomics has a sly sense of humor! I liked one of his for last week’s roundup, too. Of course, he could have included a woman in the lineup, but that would just be icing on the cake. I am so ticked off at Goldman Sachs I could scream, as my grandmother would say. Humor is just a way of quieting the rage, while still drawing an excellent picture of how Goldman Sachs screwed the public. Again.

Here’s a great wordless cartoon by Arcadio Esquivel, of Mexico, I think, from Cagle Cartoons. Look at how the olive green and muted red bounce off each other! The cell phones look kind of dated…from 5 years ago? I wonder if priests really wear lemon colored tunics in other countries… No matter. Great illustration and comment. Since whites are now a minority in LA, I imagine Catholicism is the biggest religion, though I’m too lazy to look it up. Even so, the LA Times hates skeevy and anything too controversial, ev

Deny, deny, deny, saith Toyota.

It’s almost Easter. I don’t know if other people know the Bible as well as I do, but Jesus predicted  that a disciple – I had to look this up, it was Peter – would deny that he knew Jesus 3 times before the cock crowed, and he was soon crucified.  Sad for everyone. So I was going to put the 3 denials in this cartoon, like What Would Toyota Say?, but I didn’t think that many people would get the reference.

And Toyota denied even more times than that. I know this because it was a bone, the LA Times could NOT let go of! They wrote about the accidents from the very beginning. Of course some of those famous runaways did happen in the Southlands (here), but I do find it interesting that the Times did such an investigation about Toyota, and yet ignores so many other things around here.

Apparently sales are up, anyhow! I had a Toyota Corolla. It always overheated, even the first year. I never got an answer why, so I drove it mostly at night – I’m a night bird anyway, but it was really unfortunate and aggravating. And the brakes wore out sooner than other cars, but nothing drastic, like the new ones.

Here’s a cartoon of how the powers that be at Toyota may have responded to the reports before the Times got their teeth into it: through cliches, and denial.

Santa was laid off. AGAIN.

This is normally a Christmas cartoon, but should it run before or after Christmas?!

Santa visits the unemployment office cartoon

It seems logical that Santa would visit the unemployment office AFTER Christmas, of course, but those pesky editors just aren’t in the mood to buy Santa Claus anything after Christmas Day – I guess they think the cartoon should be half price! This year, with over 10% unemployed (as Obama confirmed  in the oh so casual before Christmas White House Special that Oprah did, that has already aired twice – yeah, it’s over 10%.) seems like unemployment is any time of the year. There’s a good chance many Santas didn’t get to work this year at all, so I hope this makes sense both before and after Christmas.

Yikes, unemployment went up to 12.5% in California, the Los Angeles Times said!

California still has the fourth-highest unemployment rate in the nation, yes, and its unemployment rate is a whopping 4.5 percentage points higher than it was in October 2008. But the job gains are a significant part of a trend that’s seen the pace of job loss slow as the economy pulled itself back together again.

What the hell do they mean?

Insurance companies suck. But you already knew that.

I’m really sad to see the health adjustment plan won’t make it through. I wanted it to be an arrow in the heart of the evil, lying, non-life saving insurance companies. Usually I’m a capitalist, all for anyone who wants to make money, anyhow. Let the strongest one win.

But not with health insurance. It’s like a utility, or going to the dentist, or even car insurance, if you like your car at all. You have to have it, but do you have to feel screwed?

And the whole concept is like a Ponzi scheme: they could never pay out everyone’s claim at one time. They hide how much they make off everyone’s fear – they invest all that money in Swiss banks, I think, so it’s like a river of gold flowing in to them. It’s like imaginary money, and if you didn’t get sick or go to the doc – which is good, if you didn’t – you don’t get rewarded for staying healthy. They take and take and take. Your premiums still go up every farking year, paying for all the losers who have bad genes or don’t take care of themselves. UGH.  

I have Kaiser, which is rated very highly (for an HMO) and yet the things I know about it would make your hair spin. They lie and lie, they ignore health problems, they don’t tell anyone about deals they give low income people, or they do, like this year, and they cancel the plan THE SAME DAY THEY PROMISED IT WOULD START.  They LOST my lab test. I’ll give the details when I’m not so upset.

Who was it who started chatter about the death

Dow Jones cartoon.

Dow Jones pumpkin cartoon

The Dow went over 10,000. Good news, for those who had the money to invest! At least, that’s what I thought, when I drew this cartoon last week.

But even when I was drawing it, although I like the stock markets, think it’s very nicely capitalistic (although not very nice to most people this year), I had a feeling there was something sinister about the Dow. Sure, he’s smiling, and has those green money eyes. But those teeth can cut, and I tried not to make this a silly pumpkin. It’s a serious pumpkin. read more