Funniest dog video of 2011!

For a change of pace:


I found this from a friend of a friend on Facebook. I rarely even click on vids – so tiny, short, and many of them are stupid or pretend real. But I’m glad I did on this one! It’s so funny that I’ll give you $1 if you don’t laugh.

Btw,  I posted it on my page on Facebook, and got a lot of appreciative comments. But when I went to get it, to post here, it had disappeared, with all of the comments! I guess that was a copycat Youtube, not the original. I’m fine with attributing pageviews to the OP, and not these stealing copycat guys, so I hunted for it on Youtube, and this is the original, with about 18 million views at the moment.

However, if Facebook is so fussy about Youtube videos being stolen, how about cartoons or photos that are stolen ALL THE TIME, EVERY DAY on there?  They always pretend they can’t find what I am reporting!!! Could Facebook’s retarded and nonsensical rules (and illegal activity) get any worse? They are really king of copyright infringement (although MySpace taught them how to do it.)

But back to the dog. Love it!

1 thought on “Funniest dog video of 2011!”

  1. Hehe, really the best talking dog video ever! I have seen many of them, but this one is really great. Keep them coming!

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