When the news is boring, I cry.

I mean, really, who didn’t know this was going to happen?

government shutdown cartoon
government shutdown cartoon

NO WAY was any government going to stop. Their last minute drama failed. Such a boondoggle. (Is that the right word? It should be.) But at the link is a  fellow who believes the government COULD have shut down, however.

Sometimes I wish I had a job in the government. So safe, secure, the pension, easy. Of course, you would have to be able to tolerate some rather common fellow workers, but you could just pretend you were in The Office, and having a good time. (That really is one of my favorite shows – at least the syndicated seasons, not this one, which is why a gov’t job doesn’t look so bad now.)

Cartoon Caption: Man and wife. Man is reading a newspaper that says No New News, and he says, What a bombshell! It’s a miracle! They signed a deal at the last minute, so no government shutdown! Wife says, This is why I married the man.

I can explain the cartoon, which is pretty simple, but the wife’s remark is a joke, to entertain myself. She married a pretty silly fellow, but seems happy, doesn’t she? Also, the dog is blue. Remember, a good cartoon is always a puzzle.

New cartoon in Psychology Today. WARNING – not for the squeamish.