Complete list of all Political Cartoons through 2011!

A little housekeeping note

I really love fooling around with my WordPress blogs, but it has always bothered me that when people are looking for cartoons on a certain topic, whether it’s Barack Obama, Sarah Palin, or Dancing with the Stars, that they may not be able to find all the cartoons on that topic.

Sure, there are Categories in the sidebar, and tags underneath each post, and even 2 search buttons, but still, I’m not sure that everyone finds what they are looking for.

New way to index the cartoons

So I was superexcited last week to find a plugin that would help me get organized…at least on this blog! It’s AZIndex, and you can find it on WordPress. I’m not sure how long it will last, since it’s been abandoned by the author, and isn’t getting updated to new WordPress versions, but I hope something like this is taken up by some other smart WP plugin author.

Official presidential portrait of Barack Obama...
Unattractive portrait of Obama via Wikipedia
Alaska Governor Sarah Palin on June 2, 2007.
Sarah Palin via Wikipedia - just lAY OFF the hunting, Sarah.

All the cartoons on this site are on the page now, which you can find in my tab on the top  under All Op-Ed Cartoons or in the sidebar link called Index of Cartoons. Cartoons are organized by tag names (which you can also see underneath each post). While I was putting this together, I combined or deleted some tags (law, lawyer, and laws are kind of similar), so I’ll have to go through and tag some of the cartoons more appropriately. Some of my most used tags are Obama, oil, Sarah Palin, LA Times, TV, and, of course, death. :) I also have more than I thought on armed forces and military, which I will probably combine…

Of course, I really have to upload a lot more cartoons on this site, anyway – this is just a small portion of what I’ve been doing the past couple of years. (For instance, I have a hella lot more California cartoons that I do for CalWatchdog.) But before Uclick laid me off I was in 3 venues: Slate, Yahoo, and Gocomics. Seemed like that was enough, and I didn’t add that many here. But when they laid me off they took down all 2 years of archives there, just gone. so…

I’m also not sure what to do about my cartoon roundups that I’ve been doing for the LA Times. I haven’t been tagging all the various cartoonists I include. Maybe I should.

How to buy these cartoons

Anyway, hope this is fun and helpful. Here are terms for using these cartoons. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the cartoons or make comments, or share with a friend, but it’s illegal to reproduce or use cartoons  (or any image) without permission,  EVEN IN SCHOOLS, and is subject to hefty fines. And as you know, I always go after people. ;)

As I was writing this, a little post by Steven Hart caught my eye. He says Tom Tomorrow has left the building at Salon, and:

One of the many ingenious things the newspaper industry has done to destroy itself is to dumb down op-ed pages, shrink comics down to postage-stamp size, and shy away from political cartoonists. There was a time when Pat Oliphant, Herblock and Paul Conrad were as well known as columnists like Art Buchwald and David Broder.

(Why did he include Oliphant with Paul Conrad?) Anyway, I’m not included in his little group, but that’s okay. I’ll always have my pen and my flights of imagination.