Obama sends a Valentine’s Day Card to the GOP.

Obama sends a Valentine card to the GOP
Obama sends a Valentine and box of chocolates to the Right

Oh, Obama. Your health care bill may not be so healthy after all. Judges are already dissing you.

Hmm, this is totally strange. I did this cartoon a while ago, but just a few hours ago this went up, from The Hill:

On Twitter Thursday, the GOP announced a new project, GOPValentine.com, which offers a selection of 18 Valentine’s Day cards that spoof the Democrats on policy.

So I guess I have something to contribute to it, huh?

They’ve already sent out 30,000 Valentine Republican cards!

Cartoon caption: Man holds big box of chocolates and a Valentine’s Day card. Embroidered sampler on wall says Bless this GOP home. “It’s from President Obama. Be My Health Bill Valentine.” read more

Obama’s State of the Union Cartoon.

Obama is a fast guy. Faster internet, faster trains, faster to get to clean energy.
bama cartoon on sotu address[/caption]

I like a tech-y, green President. But what about what he didn’t talk about, or made little jokeys about?

He pointed out people who were shot, but didn’t mention his thoughts on gun control. He made a joke about his health care bill, but is that really funny? I think it’s sad that he has to keep pushing it, and look what the newest ruling against the health bill started: trouble ahead, my friend. And many of us still hate the whole thing!

He did encourage businesses to hire…after all the big bailouts went to the big guys last year, with no trickle down at all.

Well, Obama delivered a cheerful message to a crowd wearing ribbons. But I expect flowers and candy with the pretty card.

Mark E. Kelly, your wife called.

Mark E Kelly wants to fly, while Gabrielle Giffords lies in her hospital bed
Mark E Kelly wants to fly, while Gabrielle Giffords lies in her hospital bed

I think I liked Mark E. Kelly better before he made his decision to go flying off into outer space somewhere.

We’ve all read the news and human interest stories about the gallant Mark remaining next to the bedside of his fallen wife, Gabrielle Giffords. After she was shot, he left his astronaut duties and spent all his time by her side. And doing interviews with the media. NASA even named a backup, thinking he wasn’t going to go.

Everyone had great sympathy for him, of course. They were really just newlyweds, married barely 4 years. There’s a great picture of them that looks like how I would like to look at my husband if I got married. Daily Beast says they’re always living in different cities, however. Well, that keeps it romantic. read more