California Elections are coming, California elections are coming, etc

That title should make an interesting permalink.

But they are coming! November 2! Anxiety! Pressure! My goal is to publish one cartoon a day for this week. And I’m starting off with one that I just love, that is also colorful! Is it mean, as well? I’m sure the libs think so.

shave the blue off of California
shave the blue off of California

I did this one for CalWatchdog, of course, and one of the great things there is that my editor, Steve Greenhut, gets my humor every time! When I started doing California cartoons for them in January of this year, I knew just about what everyone living here knows about the state – not much. Arnold. Complaints about the budget. And how very liberal California is, a true blue state.

Which turns out to be not so true! Steve pointed out that the electoral voting districts are very much red inland – it’s just in the outside (bigger, beachier, louder, richer) districts that they vote blue. I looked up a map of California’s voting districts, and sure enough! So here’s a map, or a cartoon map, and it’s all true. Except for, maybe, my take on it.

(But what would happen to the blue if we cut it off? Or it dropped into the ocean? I guess the federal gov’t would send us emergency aid.)

Caption for Google: Map of California with right and left, Republican and Democrat voting districts marked off. Just take a little off the side, please. Interpretation: Take away the blue (Democrat) voters, most of whom live on the coasts!