Bill Clinton and the blue dress.

Perhaps it’s insensitive of me to bring up Bill Clinton and the infamous blue dress RIGHT when everyone is all gaga over Chelsea’s expensive wedding and her expensive dress. I’m sure someone will tell me, if I am.¬† But I’m curious about a couple of things at that wedding. Really, how come Obama was not invited? Also, the news reports made a big deal that Bill Clinton was there. Why wouldn’t he be at his only daughter’s wedding?? Confusing.

bill clinton cartoon with the blue dress
bill clinton cartoon with the blue dress

Anyway, if you are a loyal reader, you know that sex affairs interest me, but condemnation does not. Mistresses, gay sex in bathrooms, oral sex in the White House, Tiger Woods (who was shanghaied), all mildly interesting, but I don’t care. What happens behind closed doors is probably lovely and very fun. Also, private.

I do think¬† Clinton’s charm and strength did get the 2 women journalists released from the strange man in Korea. Yet I still went for the joke. What are you gonna do. At least I didn’t mention the stain. (oops.)

Also, my liberal friends thought being a Friend of Bill was a big deal here in Hollywood, so I put a FOB button on his suit.

And since I do agree Bill was much more responsible for his affair than Monica – but she was there, wasn’t she? – I got in touch with Monica Lewinsky’s agent a couple years later to ask if Monica would like to write a blurb for my Love Me or Go To Hell Book! Monica was designing purses at the time, and her agent said she loved the book, but was too busy. Right.

Anyway, best wishes for the newlywed Chelsea Clinton and whoever the guy is. Your wedding present is in the mail.

Cartoon caption for blind Google: I’m former President Bill Clinton. Today I got Kim Jon Il to release the two hostage journalists. I did good. So, can we please let bygones be bygones now? And MOVE ON? The blue dress speaks: okay!

And oh yeah, USA Today finally used one of my cartoons in their roundup. About time!