Will Sarah Palin show up in Dancing with the Stars?

I don’t want to assume anything, but I’m betting readers of this blog don’t always watch Dancing with the Stars every season!

TV is my crack – at least certain shows, but this summer, only three are on my list. :( But DWTS starts up soon, so here goes!

Sorry, no Sarah cartoon today, but I found this on Facebook – the best dancing dog video I’ve ever seen. Look at his tail wagging the whole time! It brought tears to my eyes!

And Television Without Pity is my favorite place to play. So, anyway, lots of guessing about who the pros and who the stars will be each season, and last week it was rumored that Bristol Palin will be one of the “stars”!

Now, we all know she isn’t a star. At all. I think it’s terrible she wasn’t using birth control, and I do believe in abortion, which I know disappoints some conservative readers, but there you go. She’s just a kid.

But how fun would it be to see lovely Sarah each week in the audience, however long Bristol can be voted to stay in?! Ooh, I just found that I made a joke about Sarah and Obama on Dancing with the Stars back in 2008. How prescient am I?!

Shoot a dart at President Obama for $1.

Uh-oh. Will that get me in trouble with the Feds?  How about if it’s at a fair hosted by a Catholic church, is that better? Pennsylvania does it again!

The LA Times had a little item on this that had me laughing so hard I had to investigate further. (Why do I even bother to search latimes.com for the article? Man, their website STILL sucks for search.)

From Lehigh Times:

A game called “Alien Attack” at the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Big Time celebration in Roseto encouraged players to shoot darts at the head and heart of an image of a suited black man holding a health care bill and wearing a presidential seal.

Irvin L. Good Jr., president of Hellertown-based Goodtime Amusements, said it wasn’t supposed to be Obama.

“We’re not interpreting it as Obama. The name of the game is ‘Alien Leader.’ If you’re offended, that’s fine, we duly note that.”

Don’t you love it?!

Our Lady pastor the Rev. Jim Prior said:

“We’re used to this kind of bigotry and prejudice, and we abhor it but it’s the way of the world,” Prior said. “Even the Divine Father himself is vilified in today’s culture.”

Oh, my gah, this priest is comparing Obama to God!! And WAY to change the subject, Rev. Prior!

The Morning Call had more. The Secret Service is investigating now, and Good changed his tune:

“I guess we made an error in judgment, and we apologize for that,” said Good, who has had the game for about six weeks. “I voted for the man. It wasn’t meant to be him. If they took it that way, we apologize.”

Players paid $1 per shot, or $5 for six shots, to fire foam darts at targets on his head and heart. Those who hit their mark won a stuffed animal.

The White House issued a statement Wednesday t

The cop who ordered green ice cream.

Cool creamy ice cream and money for your summer vacation.

My editor at CalWatchdog, Steven Greenhut, like many journalists in many states now, is really interested in pension reform, and what pensions are doing to the rest of the state as they grow more humongous. I haven’t read his new book yet, Plunder: How Public Employee Unions are Raiding Treasuries, Controlling Our Lives and Bankrupting the Nation (I prefer serial killer novels for the summer), but he’s been on the radio and tv talking about it, so it must be great!

Yeah, I had to read up about it to understand the nuances. Or to understand anything, really.  It’s actually very simple: unions (mostly) arranged for moderate to low wages in certain industries, by including benefits on the back end, like retirement pensions, that laborers could feel reassured with.

This makes sense. Until you think about pyramid schemes. I’ve known for a while that the police can retire super young, like 40, and still get a livable pension, while even starting a different career. Since they work so hard, in dangerous situations, it seems fair. But somehow the pensions start to multiply, and with interest rates less than 1%, where will all this new money come from? The city, county and state. Oh.

It becomes more annoying when it’s state workers, who live in cubicles or offices and aren’t in danger at all, unless they jump out a window. I went to a seminar just a couple years ago at the LA Press Club when a smart entrepreneur said that all of us laid off journalists should go get state jobs, with little experience, with wonderful benefits, which you got no matter your age when you started. He teaches courses in Sacramento and other cities, and has a book out on this, too. He made it seem very enticing!

I’m into unions, really – have been in a real Hollywood one, and the NWU, which is sort of a quasi-union. And people should have a comfortable retirement. But I have no idea how to solve this problem, except have people in charge who are economists and realists.

This article by Steve on police and crime isn’t exactly about pensions, but gave me a beginning idea for the cartoon. But the ice screams truck was all mine.

Caption: Policeman: Yes, little girl, I promise to k

Bill Clinton and the blue dress.

Perhaps it’s insensitive of me to bring up Bill Clinton and the infamous blue dress RIGHT when everyone is all gaga over Chelsea’s expensive wedding and her expensive dress. I’m sure someone will tell me, if I am.  But I’m curious about a couple of things at that wedding. Really, how come Obama was not invited? Also, the news reports made a big deal that Bill Clinton was there. Why wouldn’t he be at his only daughter’s wedding?? Confusing.

Anyway, if you are a loyal reader, you know that sex affairs interest me, but condemnation does not. Mistresses, gay sex in bathrooms, oral sex in the White House, Tiger Woods (who was shanghaied), all mildly interesting, but I don’t care. What happens behind closed doors is probably lovely and very fun. Also, private.

I do think  Clinton’s charm and strength did get the 2 women journalists released from the strange man in Korea. Yet I still went for the joke. What are you gonna do. At least I didn’t mention the stain. (oops.)

Also, my liberal friends thought being a Friend of Bill was a big deal here in Hollywood, so I put a FOB button on his suit.

And since I do agree Bill was much more responsible for his affair than Monica – but she was there, wasn’t she? – I got in touch with Monica Lewinsky’s agent a couple years later to ask if Monica would like to write a blurb fo

The beach, the surf, and California’s political campaign. Aah.

a make believe oil spill in california cartoon
a make believe oil spill in california cartoon

There’s a good reason I draw a lot of beach cartoons in the summer…because it makes me feel good. I did this in June at the height of the oil spill disaster, as a “what if” it happened in California…

Surfers are pretty passionate here. I don’t think oil would stop them.

And the politics around Meg Whitman vs Steve Poizner were kind of hysterical! They really were screaming on tv and calling each other a LIBERAL, as if that was the worst epithet they could think of! Okay, I agree. (You will recall that both of them are filthy rich, so there were lotsa ads. More cartoons on Whitman and Poizner here.) read more