Earthquake 7.2 in Mexicali today.

Rarely do I blog twice in the same day, but I have deadlines, and must distract myself…

Anyway, the earthquake shook us all awake on a hazy Easter afternoon. I wrote about it on my Silver Lake blog, (which got linked by the LA Times):

My friend Geri Mars, in Redondo Beach (45 min south of LA)  tweeted:

No wonder such great rolling motion. My large aquarium was sloshing. That woke up the turtles!

There was an interesting link to a science site,  USGS,  called Did you feel it?

I actually did this cartoon in January, right after the Haiti earthquake, for CalWatchdog. Didn’t seem right to list it on Slate then – not PC and more importantly, not funny.

I think it fits today’s news, though.

Mexicali California Earthquake cartoon

There may be more comments at CalWatchdog.

Cartoon caption: Q. Why are so many people leaving California? A. Earthquakes, drought, and pestilence.

Kind of a biblical answer to the question. The population really is leaving, and they are the worker bees, which makes our economy poorer. :( Plus, they’re probably smart, interesting, maybe even wise people that I would like to get to know. :*