Do pregnant women have sex?

It’s come to my attention that some people don’t think the same way I do! Astonishing!

For instance, one thing that I’m extremely passionate about is privacy. For others, as well as myself. And couthness. Uncouth is not cool. This includes making fun of others’ sex lives, or asking them about it directly. So rude! (However, a little bit of gossip is okay among friends, in hushed tones.)

john edwards book was not written with love and compassion

I saw Andrew Young and his wife on 20/20, talking about this book he had written about the years he worked with John Edwards, The Politician: An Insider’s Account of John Edwards’s Pursuit of the Presidency and the Scandal That Brought Him Down. Oh, and about a dirty sex tape he found of Edwards. Nice. Young has written a tell-all as he rolls out all the dirty secrets of John Edwards and his mistress. Only this is a revenge- book, and as the Youngs described how pious they are, the whole thing stank, so I did this cartoon shortly after the show. I think I’m the only cartoonist on Slate or who did one on this topic. I don’t know why! I know it’s not hard news, but it’s still important, and very sad, when a politician gets outed by his former best friend.

So I wasn’t interested to see Andrew Young and his wife interviewed by Oprah tonight, and only paid attention when I realized she was giving him a good slapdown! She kept asking why Young went along with the lie about being the baby-daddy, and why Cheri agreed to let the woman stay in their house,  and why at this point they still believed Edwards would be a good President. This is an example of why Oprah is really good  as an interviewer (other than with her pride and joy, Obama) – she does ask the tough questions.

Why did the Youngs do it?  THE MONEY. Well, hopes for it. And the position in the White House they’d have, should he become President.

Cheri is really beautiful; her face is narrow, like a fox, and she is toned, over every inch of her body, and it doesn’t really matter if it was Pilates or not, does it. (Oprah has the best lighting bar none for her guests so it’s nice to look at all the pretty people.) But Cheri complained at least twice,  that the worst part was when they were sent off with the pregnant mistress to live in California, supported by millionaires and billionaires. She said this twice, so I’ll repeat it, too. Millionaires and billionaires were running their lives, isn’t that awful!? Cheri, where is your PR person when you need her?

I understand revenge, but Young wouldn’t have had to go this far had he learned how to say NO when Edwards asked him to pretend he was the father of Rielle Hunter’s baby. Assertiveness training, Andrew! And Cheri agreed to have Edwards mistress, now pregnant, live with the whole family until she delivered! How weird is that!

Then they found a sex tape of Edwards and supposedly his mistress. (there seems to be a lot of emphasis that she is pregnant in the tape – like what, pregnant women don’t have sex? More weirdness!) Anyway, maybe holding onto this tape like a talisman gave him courage to write the book.

The LA Times said:

Got a chief aide? Don’t abandon him for your mistress. That’s the chief lesson that powerful, philandering men can take from The Politician: by Andrew Young. For all its finger-pointing and salacious details, this online bestseller is really about a bromance gone bad.

…Is the book transfixing? Not exactly — it’s more of a whinge. Young is harshly critical of everyone around him but doesn’t take responsibility for his own decisions. He went along with saying Hunter’s child was his, but he could have said no; he never wrestles with moral issues…

…This does not engender sympathy, and every effort that Young makes to portray Elizabeth Edwards unkindly reflects back on him.

Cartoon caption: John Edwards? Meh. But I sure wish I could be a scurvy, salacious, backstabbing “aide,” and write a tattletale bestseller. The Politician, by Andrew Young.

I read the word meh on the TV boards. I’ve never used it in real life.

That week my cartoon came out the whole east coast was covered in snow! Very dramatic and pretty. So I had fun painting snow for the first time in a while, and even putting some frost on the edges of the bookstore window. This took me a while to color. Coloring cartoons takes me about 3 times as long as drawing them, but I go that extra mile to keep my readers and editors happy.

Or do you prefer the 19th century cartoon look? There’s some of those  cartoon guys around, too. Black and white all the way.