Ivana Trump, I salute you.

[Updated] The Palm Beach Post describes Ivana Trump as a First Class pain and a Palm Beach jet-setter, “whom you’d think would fly private,” in the very first sentence.

Burning Man - Enter the ship

Ms. Trump is obviously already guilty. I mean she’s rich, right?

The way a spokeswoman with the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office puts it, the departing jet’s pilot called deputies about 2:30 p.m. because of a foul-mouthed and unruly passenger in seat 1C, in first class.

When the lawmen arrived, they discovered the abusive passenger was the well-known socialite. They described her as “belligerent” and “aggravating.”

According to PBSO, Trump first was unhappy about her seat. Flight attendants offered her another, and headphones, to calm her down. But then Trump became more frustrated when children started running up and down the aisle while screaming.

Oh, big damn deal. I would have complained about those bratty kids and the ignorant loser parents, too.

The incident comes as airports throughout the world are tightening security measures after an alleged terrorist tried to set off a bomb on a Northwest Airlines flight on Christmas Day near Detroit.

Seriously. The airlines are going to compare their scaredy cat, ineffectual stewardesses flight attendants hearing the f-word, to a terrorist carrying a bomb?

Everyone knows flying is hell on earth now – ugh, it takes a lot of love or money to willingly schlep to the airport, stand in line for hours, get felt up by the minimum wage dummies (and when it happened to me I thought it was totally inappropriate), take off your shoes, get treated like crap, and then file onto the plane, minus the water you want and need, and have your earaches like a little kid, from the lack of oxygen and poor cabin pressure. And arrive late, ALWAYS arrive late.

Or is that just my fantasy trip?

And now you’re not allowed to swear or tell kids to shut the f up, or they’ll take you off the plane.

Really, you know, love isn’t enough. Let’s talk about the money.

*I just noticed that Amy Alkon wrote an opinion for the LA Times saying some of the same things.

There is a notion, reflected in numerous blog comments about the incident, that other passengers should “just deal” and “give a kid a break.” This notion is wrong. Parents like Root and others who selfishly force the rest of us to pay the cost of their choices in life aren’t just bothering us; they’re stealing from us. Most people don’t see it this way, because what they’re stealing isn’t a thing we can grab on to, like a wallet. They’re stealing our attention, our time and our peace of mind.

I know Amy from media events and parties around Los Angeles, and she is definitely the most in your face person you have ever met. Can’t wait to read her book! I See Rude People: One woman’s battle to beat some manners into impolite society

amy alkon book

And yes, she really does look like this, with flaming red hair!

Photo through Creative Commons from Brian U. Thx!