Turn in your red meat! Guns are okay, too.

They’ve been rounding up guns in Los Angeles recently, some with bullets included. And people think we just play volleyball on the beach!

Turn in your dead red meat!

From the LA Times:

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department took in a record haul of firearms this year through its Gifts for Guns program, an annual event in Compton that allows people to anonymously turn in firearms in exchange for $100 gift cards at Target, Best Buy or Ralphs supermarkets.

Over the last two weekends, deputies collected 965 weapons and distributed more than $95,000 in gift cards, deputies said. That far surpassed last year’s total of 387 guns. Deputies speculate that the shrinking economy may be behind the rise in participation.

In past years, Target and Best Buy cards were the most coveted, Woods said.

But this year, the supermarket cards were the most popular.

Don’t you love the title of this program? Gifts for guns. Like, make this a Christmas, holiday tradition. Or, you could wrap your guns in pretty paper.

Cartoon caption: The Mayor has asked that volunteers turn in all red meat. No questions asked. In other news, the city is offering a barbecue tonight. The poor and omnivorous are invited.

This cartoon has several levels. Obviously, I substituted meat for guns, as meat is always getting a bum rap in health news. (which it deserves, I guess, although I think some people do need meat.) But then there’s the sneak Mayor, trying to get in good with voters by giving it out the other door to the poor. Who cares if they eat meat and die sooner, right?

So…welfare, anyone? Isn’t this how every city works? Take from those who have meat and give it to people who just eat Twinkies.

PS, Remember that Bill Murray movie where the flower lady mournfully wails, turn in your dead? I forget the name.