Insurance companies suck. But you already knew that.

I’m really sad to see the health adjustment plan won’t make it through. I wanted it to be an arrow in the heart of the evil, lying, non-life saving insurance companies. Usually I’m a capitalist, all for anyone who wants to make money, anyhow. Let the strongest one win.

But not with health insurance. It’s like a utility, or going to the dentist, or even car insurance, if you like your car at all. You have to have it, but do you have to feel screwed?

And the whole concept is like a Ponzi scheme: they could never pay out everyone’s claim at one time. They hide how much they make off everyone’s fear – they invest all that money in Swiss banks, I think, so it’s like a river of gold flowing in to them. It’s like imaginary money, and if you didn’t get sick or go to the doc – which is good, if you didn’t – you don’t get rewarded for staying healthy. They take and take and take. Your premiums still go up every farking year, paying for all the losers who have bad genes or don’t take care of themselves. UGH.  

I have Kaiser, which is rated very highly (for an HMO) and yet the things I know about it would make your hair spin. They lie and lie, they ignore health problems, they don’t tell anyone about deals they give low income people, or they do, like this year, and they cancel the plan THE SAME DAY THEY PROMISED IT WOULD START.  They LOST my lab test. I’ll give the details when I’m not so upset.

Who was it who started chatter about the death panels, Sarah Palin? Oh, Sarah. You know I like you. But that…is almost as absurd as this cartoon.

Cartoon caption: “Well, it looks like the public option was killed. Score another for the black-hearted insurance industry.” The vulture: “So long as they don’t lose the death panels.”

Well, I did get to draw a vulture for this cartoon! That’s the silver lining here. The colors came out good, too. And this would fit in just fine in my very special morbid file. Yes, I have one.

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  1. I have Kaiser. They did a bait and switch on me. They promised behavioral therapy yet I found out they don’t even have such a treatment. Lying scums.

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