Fox News – We’re Foxy!

What’s so bad about Fox News? I do think they report more about sad things like murders on our local Channel 11, and I don’t like our local news team much. But when Obama’s task force starts trying to exclude them from national media events & announcements, it does make the White House look a little “sensitive.” Man up over there.

Obama says no, Fox News

In this cartoon, I’m saying that they do put a negative spin on Obama (“bad info”) at times. :) But geez, everyone’s entitled to an opinion. And he hit them first! This time!

Mike Luckovich’s cartoon after the jump.

Luckovich had a cartoon with a different approach, including CNN as a casualty in the White House’s newest obsession, according to Daryl Cagle.

luckovich war fox obama and cnn

Cartoon from the great

Actually, I don’t quite get this cartoon. I thought CNN was conservative. And aren’t Fox ratings down after the White House dissed them? I guess I need interpretations of opinion cartoons, too!

Newsbusters had an interesting scoop on the White House’s attitude towards Fox as compared to MSNBC:

A senior White House advisor on Tuesday told Campbell Brown that Fox News is biased, but refused to comment when the CNN host asked her, “Well, then do you also think that MSNBC is biased?”During a taped interview at the Woman’s Conference in California later broadcast on CNN’s “Campbell Brown,” Valerie Jarrett sidestepped this marvelous question and instead haplessly said, “I don’t want to just generalize all Fox is biased or that another station is biased.”

Later Jarrett said:

So, this isn’t anything that’s simply directed at Fox. We really just want the American people to have a clear understanding. There’s so much at stake right now. We really don’t have a lot of time for nonsense and distortions.

Cartoon caption: “Obama kicks off the Fall TV season by giving bad info (oops) interviews to every network except us! That’s not Foxy. In other news, he also defriended us on Facebook.” from Fair and Foxy Fox.

Haven’t done silhouettes in forever, so this was fun. I used a texture brush for the couch. Hee!