What Barack Obama could learn from Balloon Boy Dad.

Balloon boy, go away.

what Barack Obama could learn from Balloon Boy

I didn’t see the story on Twitter. Half the trends there are people promoting themselves, or are crybaby stories, boring. I got more interested in the story when I saw the weird parents.

A giant Mylar balloon took off from the backyard of the Heenes’ northern Colorado home Thursday. The couple said they were terrified their 6-year-old son Falcon may have been on it. They couldn’t find him.

If it were determined that the incident was a hoax, “the only thing we have is them making a false report to authorities, which is a Class 3 misdemeanor,” Alderden said.

But, he said, authorities could seek to recoup the money spent. “If there is criminal conduct, we certainly would seek restitution,” he said.

Now it’s at the District Attorney to see about hoax charges, after the mother was the first to fold and admit the whole thing was a setup. (ewww, seeing the kid throw up on TV from the pressure!)

Of course, it’s the parents who are the most fascinating. What is in their heads? Is Richard Keene as crazy as the clips from Wife Swap show? They already made an action figure of Richard Heene, Balloon Boy’s dad!

And I’m always into the media. (That’s one reason I like LA Observed so much – he’s all about the media, and even though he’s based here in LA, when he links to you, editors from all over the country take note!) So when Mr. Keene told reporters the day after the boy was found in the attic to put their questions in a box

“I got people e-mailing me, calling me; they’ve got a lot of questions, and I don’t know how to quite frankly answer any of them other than I’ve got a box,” Heene said around 10 a.m.

I laughed hysterically! Vid here.

Cartoon caption: Please place all questions & concerns in this box. Sincerely, (Pres.) Barack Obama (Later, I changed caption to take out the “& concerns”.)

This was the first White House I’ve drawn! Or the first whole one. Research, research. Lovely windows there. Also had fun adding a little fall foliage. Thoughts change as you draw them, so I put the slot way up high, that no one could reach without help. No one wants to hear complaints & whines. Especially about Afghanistan.