Great Halloween cartoon of haunted house!

Two cartoons here from the impressive Daryl Cagle’s roster of Cagle Cartoons. This first one is another example of a Cartoon I wish I had done.

limited palette

From David Fitzsimmons, a beautiful example of limited palette that I talked about in my earlier post! Just oranges, browns and yellow – great colors for a Halloween cartoon, but it never would have occurred to me to use them like this. I didn’t even get the joke at first, I was so taken by the drawing – I thought it was one of those haunted houses that you pay to go in – which shows you where my mind is at. But this couple is buying it! Well, we all know murders have to be disclosed when a house is for sale. Even when apartments are rented, in Los Angeles. So maybe they should have told me when I moved here that one of the Charlie Manson murders happened just up the street?! (JK, I love this place!) (But yeah, it did.)

Caption for cartoon: They say it’s haunted by the young family who lost everything way back in 2009…and Foreclosed. Enjoy!

A rather odd cartoon after the jump, which is – well, it’s strange. I think you could say it would fit well in Cartoons I’m Glad I Didn’t Do.

It’s by Frederick Deligne, also of Cagle Cartoons. He’s a cartoonist in France. I myself have combined some odd elements – it’s a burden we editorial cartoonists bear – but this one stands out, doesn’t it? Let’s see, there is a witch, a ghost with a skeleton head (Death?) a pumpkin on a stick (?) and the moon. Plus the box on the guy’s head.  And, actually, I have read Windows 7 has very few bugs.

Caption: Trick or Treaters are a witch, death, a pumpkin and a Windows box. What are you disguised as? As a bug (Windows 7)