The vampire and Sarah Palin.

And we’ll be showing Halloween cartoons all week, folks!

going as Sarah Palin for Halloween?

Sarah, I’ll never forget you! Everyone knows Sarah Palin dropped out of her cool Governor job in Alaska to be… well, so far, an author –with her first book. Whoa, it gets released on November 17, but it’s on sale now for only 9 bucks! Is that good or bad?

I want to support her, really, but dropping out at this stage of the game was a mistake. I know, she didn’t “drop” the GOP, but Going Rogue? maybe in other things, but not this. What does she think will happen, after her book? Books are fun, as I know from my own, but it’s not like you feel like you’ve made it afterwards. What’s next? Well, when I looked this up on Google, I find a blog with that title! What’s next Sarah? (with no comma). It says:

Sarah Palin is going to be on Oprah publicizing her book “Going Rogue” on November 17, 2009. Check your local t.v. listing.

Okay, then!

Cartoon caption: “Sorry! I was going to go as Sarah Palin Sarah Palin Sash And Glasses Halloween Costume Kit, but I decided to drop the party, and write a book, instead.”

Giving out vaccines for Halloween.

giving out h1n1 vaccines at Halloween cartoon

Just give me an opening to combine any holiday, with any subject, and I’m there. This week’s  message: vaccine testing is a joke.

I have the numbers to prove it, but I’m super busy today, so it will have to wait.

escience news says just 40% of public is sure they’ll get the vaccine. Top of the Ticket at LA Times said 38% will get it.

Using an open-ended question, the poll also found the overwhelming reason for rejecting the vaccine this year despite federal warnings and mounting concern about the illness’ seriousness was concern about side effects and disbelief in its safety, especially suspicions that it has been inadequately tested. Other reasons included general ignorance and a belief the illness was probably less serious than the danger of the vaccine. read more

Great Halloween cartoon of haunted house!

Two cartoons here from the impressive Daryl Cagle’s roster of Cagle Cartoons. This first one is another example of a Cartoon I wish I had done.

limited palette

From David Fitzsimmons, a beautiful example of limited palette that I talked about in my earlier post! Just oranges, browns and yellow – great colors for a Halloween cartoon, but it never would have occurred to me to use them like this. I didn’t even get the joke at first, I was so taken by the drawing – I thought it was one of those haunted houses that you pay to go in – which shows you where my mind is at. But this couple is buying it! Well, we all know murders have to be disclosed when a house is for sale. Even when apartments are rented, in Los Angeles. So maybe they should have told me when I moved here that one of the Charlie Manson murders happened just up the street?! (JK, I love this place!) (But yeah, it did.)

Caption for cartoon: They say it’s haunted by the young family who lost everything way back in 2009…and Foreclosed. Enjoy!

A rather odd cartoon after the jump, which is – well, it’s strange. I think you could say it would fit well in Cartoons I’m Glad I Didn’t Do.

Halloween party for liberals who worry.

and here’s another Halloween cartoon to scare you.

Halloween party cartoon, or Unemployment sadness?

Honestly, this seems like a cartoon a liberal would have done. Woe is me, we’re bad people, let’s forget to be happy when we can mope.

Or maybe they’re proactive capitalists, and they know the way to help the economy is to spend money, even if it’s for a Halloween par-tay. Or network at a party, that really does help. I started guest blogging last week for the LA Weekly, because I know Jill Stewart through the late great Cathy Seipp, and also from the LA Press Club. Hella lot of work to write newsy blogs, but fun!

Back in March, CNN said 4 states had already hit 10% unemployment, including California. Bloomberg says Obama predicted it back in June. However, today Bloomberg says as of September it’s 9.8%, so maybe these numbers are a little suspect, or according to who’s reporting.

Going as Octomom for Halloween?


You’re not alone. Halloween cartoon I did for Double X (which is the girly side of Slate.)

For Double X I do some cartoons that are current events and political, but also pop culture. Even fem, on occasion!

I think Octomom would fall in the category of pop, or pup culture. Boy, did she wring the public on that one. At first I was angry with how selfish, self-centered, and sick she was – and it still really pisses me off that she is on the dole and leaching off of LA and the state. But now I do understand how mentally ill she really is. read more

Dow Jones cartoon.

Dow Jones pumpkin cartoon

The Dow went over 10,000. Good news, for those who had the money to invest! At least, that’s what I thought, when I drew this cartoon last week.

But even when I was drawing it, although I like the stock markets, think it’s very nicely capitalistic (although not very nice to most people this year), I had a feeling there was something sinister about the Dow. Sure, he’s smiling, and has those green money eyes. But those teeth can cut, and I tried not to make this a silly pumpkin. It’s a serious pumpkin. read more