I’m the first blogger to write fan fiction about Obama.

Fanfiction cartoon about Obama's health care plan

Geez, this health plan has even me upset and feeling bi-partisan – and I live alone! I mean, I HATE my HMO (Kaiser) who screws everyone, lies, is incompetent, greedy, and unethical. Okay, it’s Kaiser. But how is the White House plan any better? First of all, it’s written for people who work in factories, or in unions, or something. Nothing for the self-employed.  

And the public option part – well, I hate seeing illegals get free everything. Some people say that it’s like auto insurance – the ones who pay cover those who don’t in California. Well, I hate that, too. But at least, in the end, if the uninsured person wrecks their car and it’s their fault, they have to pay for it. (Right?)


Funny, I started to write this post in late August, and then put it aside for something else not as productive to do. Now, with Obama’s revised plan – when he keeps emphasizing the REFORM of  it – I’m for it! No, I haven’t read the whole thing. But when I called Kaiser a few weeks ago to ask if they have any lower- rate plan – of course, they do, one that’s worse for me – oh, and another one that they don’t tell anyone about, to help with co-payments – the plan person confided to me that the CEO of Kaiser, George “Screw you” Halverson, came into a meeting this year waving the arbitration form we all have to sign to get Kaiser.

Now, I remember signing it – wasn’t such a big deal. I couldn’t afford a lawyer, so why not have arbitration? Well, since then, I’ve filed 2 grievances for REALLY REALLY BAD things Kaiser did to me – I’ll probably write more about this later- and in both cases, with proof, lost both. Why? Because it’s a kangaroo court (I think that’s what it’s called.) I’m not allowed to go to face the doctors or boards – like the ahole lab technician who LOST my lab sample!!!. Someone who works at Kaiser, and gets paid by them, “represents” me in this fake arbitration! He describes my case from 5 to 10 minutes. Then 3 people vote on whether it’s worthy. Hardly any patient ever wins, but Kaiser always does.  

So anyway, when George “F you” Halverson walked in, he announced, “If Obama’s health care plan goes through, this will go out the window. No more arbitration.” YES!!!

I don’t imagine my insurance will go down, although it should, since I’m in excellent health, paying for all the slobs and illegals who may not be. But to be able to fight any insurance company when they do something bad to me, makes me glow.

Cartoon Caption: FAN FICTION by a Capitalist

Obama’s public option health care plan PASSED! Both sides are so happy!

We all have cheap health care now!

I’m cured…of high premiums!

We’re private insurance companies. We’re a monopoly. But we love our new (ie FIRST) competition!

This is a sort of complicated cartoon, but LA Daily News bought it! I had a lot to say in it! But of course, it’s Fan Fiction because there is no way everyone will be happy with the results, the way he first presented it.

I took out the part about being a Capitalist in my 2nd version.I think I put that part in there to indicate that I like competition – and that it would be great if the insurance companies had it, fat chance. But it wasn’t necessary (Strunk & Wagnall.) so out it came. Still not sure whether Fan Fiction is one word or two.