Ted Kennedy and Mary Jo’s purse.

Charon tells Ted Kennedy that a woman is waiting for him

I’ve always been curious about the Ted Kennedy and Mary Jo Kopechne drowning, so of course that’s where my mind went last night when I read about his death.

What? Is that bad, or is that normal!? I’ve only been following the news closely this last year, remember; it’s like a crash course of the history of the world. Excuse me when I don’t know everything about every politician in the White House. I read that he did a lot of good with health care, and did some other great things, too.  CNN seems to have a balanced story about him here, including all his positives, which are legion; they are also honest enough to at least mention Chappaquidick (unlike the spurious writeup the LA Times did on him last month, with not.one.mention of the drowning. And the Times website STILL totally sucks, after their new “updo”, as it won’t show me that link now)  Anyway, back to the mystery.

So last night I spent a couple of hours reading all the links I could find on what really happened  with Teddy and the tragic story of Mary Jo. Briefly, there was a party of a bunch of married men and single women who had worked on the Robert Kennedy campaign. This isn’t necessarily scurrilous, as Wash DC has the highest number of single women – read the stats.

Edward Kennedy was going to drive Mary Jo home from the party, drank too much, and the car tipped over, upside down, into the pond. He got out, presumably through the open window on the driver’s side, but poor Mary Jo drowned. He reported the incident the next morning, about 9 hours later. The obvious explanation is that he was drunk, didn’t want the police to test him, and so he delayed reporting it until after he had talked with his lawyer, etc. But there were a lot of questions raised in the many sites I read: Was she pregnant? Why did he delay? Why was he seen at this time in dry clothes? Did he really try to save her, as he claimed, and was he then able to swim the channel, as he claimed,  back to town?  

Wordless Wednesday: Not ready for primetime Slate cartoon.

"Let's role play.
"Let's role play. You be Sarah, and I'll be the big, bad, moose." Copyright D.Barstow

Ahhh, I tried. But Wordless Wednesday isn’t for me. I’m a cartoonist, and we believe a picture is worth a 1,000 words, so long as we write some of those words.

I wrote this as a New Yorker style cartoon. Okay, it’s sex play, role play. Do you have a problem with that? I suppose I could have used it in Slate, but this was before I started in there. And there really is a big difference between New Yorker cartoons and political cartoons.

New Yorker cartoons are more selfish and self-centered. And, um, as has become obvious to me in Gocomics, readers of the New Yorker might not be as smart as they think, but they do understand parallel universes. read more

Obama’s First 100 days: did the Devil make him do it?

Any excuse for a cartoon. I drew this cartoon about a week before Obama’s first 100 days were up, because I got the date wrong. And I used the name of my favorite TV show, Reaper in it,  just because I can.

Ah, Reaper, the rare comedy-drama that works both ways, and is totally, always compelling had just recently been pronounced dead by Hollywood Reporter. If you liked  The Screwtape Letters, (yes, the same C. S. Lewis who wrote the Narnia books which are much better than The Chronicles of Narnia, because that’s for kids, but I’m a grownup) you’ll love Reaper. The Screwtape Letters is a series of letters from Uncle Screwtape, a demon, to his demon nephew, on how to do it better: that is, how to tempt man and womankind, and what evil is, and how to make it.

I don’t know if the extremely clever writers of Reaper actually read this book, but I saw that Ray Wise, the only actor in Reaper I was familiar with,  saw a lot of films with a devil to design his portrayal. And boy, does he knock it out of the park. He is the perfect devil.  A

The Pope speaks with an Alien tongue.

I feel terrible, because somehow my back tire got damaged. Two rips in the side of it. I thought the thumping was something banging in the trunk. I’ve never had a flat tire before, and my driver’s window doesn’t work, so I couldn’t tell it was coming from there. I hope it was some strange accident (tread is near new, however.) I’m being a girl, in tears. (PS, later found it was a screw. But doesn’t explain rips?)

The worst part is wondering if someone slashed it – which I have had happen before – and my horror that anyone could be that evil, that malicious, destructive, and just plain awful.

Now, I’m not saying the Pope is evil. I am sure some of his intentions are good, very good. But he certainly comes out with destructive, condemning statements a lot, doesn’t he? No birth control, no condoms, no homosexuality…no money, no health care, no education.

Of course, having less abortions is a worthy goal. But I suspect Obama means less abortions by better birth control, which of course, the Pope ALSO hates.  More kids and more overcrowding, and more of US Catholics, is the papal edict! I am pro-choice, as if that isn’t obvious, and I think the Pope could care less about women, or women’s rights.

I think the cartoon is explanatory, but here I go, anyway: hanging this grotesque poster up, of the Pope with the monster from Alien coming out of his mouth, would be enough to have women go screaming out of the clinic, thus, less abortions. I took great pleasure in researching what the Alien monster really looked like – a fantastic movie. But then I decided he just looked a little…phallic, so I redrew it even scarier, below. Google isn’t always right the first time, btw. More  horrific cartoon after the jump.