An odd couple of cartoonists.

Spotted this the other day on Facebook: Facebook | Tom Tomorrow and Ted Rall Appreciation Society.

What do Tom Tomorrow and Ted Rall have in common?! They both begin with T.

ted-rall cartoon
Ted Rall Cartoon ┬ęTed Rall. I laughed out loud at this one! Although I'm not sure how his wife compares to employers. Ah, the joy of editorial cartoons!

Ted Rall has a particularly interesting name, only 7 letters. He wrote last week that his last name was the the answer to a crossword puzzle in the LA Times! That, my friends, is fame for a cartoonist. His website is only 4 letters, rall. That’s neat.

On Gocomics he is the most often subscribed to person in Editorial Cartoons. (I am number 5 from the bottom. In the old Gocomics of 2 months ago, which I MUCH preferred, for layout, presentation of the cartoons, favorite stars – which actually worked then- they also compared length of time on the site, and numbers of cartoons up, when they listed subscriber numbers. Now, they don’t, even though I’m the newest cartoonist in there. I just look unpopular.)

Of course, I could be both. :)

I couldn’t remember Tom Tomorrow, so I just went to look him up. I mean I knew his name, but I don’t read alternative papers much. Now I see what they have in common: they both have a lot of explanation in the top of each panel. Although it appears TT has about 3 or 4 times as much. Plus he has photoshopped photos in back of the cartoon part.

I like Ted, but I will leave it to someone else to explain why Tom Tomorrow has an Appreciation Society. I’m sure I couldn’t do him justice.

tom tomorrow on salon