LA Times forgot Dilbert, but readers didn’t.

Dilbert isn’t an editorial cartoon, even though Scott Adams does do a lot of business topics, and knows more about business trends and management theory than any other cartoonist I’ve read. He’s even written books on this, although I’ve only read his cartoon books. Mmm, a new big fat book of Dilbert cartoons and some cookies to munch, and I’m in heaven!

But he is topical, and the LA Times runs him in the Business section; he’s the only cartoon in there. I remember the first time he appeared there; apparently there was some infighting in the Times as to who would get him, Business or Comics, and Business won. They made an announcement like they’d won the Olympics!

But when times got tough, they narrowed the columns, the pages, etc, and started running him one-panel size, so he ran vertically. I found out that I can’t understand the cartoons very well now. I have to read them 2 or 3 times, and sometimes I just skip it. Maybe this is my limitation, but I was so annoyed I wrote about this a year ago.

Last week I got a lot of traffic looking for Dilbert and the LA Times, and I knew something must have happened. I couldn’t check the paper, as I didn’t get it that day, but turns out the Times forgot to include Dilbert that one day, and people went nuts!

Apology from the Times the next day. No link to it, as they didn’t think it important enough to put online. Rock on, Dil.