Obama introduces culture to the American people.

A cartoon about Fox News and Mustardgate. You know you love it.

obama uses dijon mustard, doesn't he?
"President Obama prefers his hamburger with a very special condiment...Dijon mustard! WTH, does he think he's better than the rest of us?" "Okay, that's it. I'm going on a mustard hunger strike. I've always hated yellow anyway... ©D.Barstow 2009

A friend on Facebook linked to this brouhaha a few weeks ago, and I laughed outloud for about 5 minutes. I can’t find the original articles now, but they included Fox News and Sean Hannity. Here’s one boycotting Fox News.

Apparently, Sean Hannity thinks that requesting spicy, or Dijon mustard makes you elitist, stating, “I hope you enjoyed that fancy burger, Mr. President.” To make matters worse, Hannity includes a Grey Poupon commercial and Obama’s picture has a caption that reads, “President Poupon.”

Here’s the Canadian version. It still makes me laugh.

This is one of my favorite political cartoons for Slate, and I hope you appreciate the faint yellow mustardy cast on the cartoon. I’m still learning my way around Photoshop Elements, so I’m not fast, but I like to experiment. I also like the Armchair Activist. That would make a nice theme for other people sitting in chairs. Like all of us.