Wordless Wednesday – Obama cartoon.

Obama's public relations cartoons
"The President's ratings have slipped a bit since his neutral stand on Iran's protests. So...what say we offer another photo op of Michelle Obama's arms?" "Two-fer. Have her lift up the dog." All rights reserved ©D.Barstow

I don’t know how long Wordless Wednesday has been going on, or if I noticed it much before, but a favorite twitter blogger birder – yes, Bev is all of those- does it, and I admire her, so I will try to, too!

Obviously this isn’t wordless, but next time it will be (except for, possibly, some words inside the cartoon. But they will murmur, not shout.)

*Updated. Wordless works great with photos, not so much cartoons. No more for me.

An odd couple of cartoonists.

Spotted this the other day on Facebook: Facebook | Tom Tomorrow and Ted Rall Appreciation Society.

What do Tom Tomorrow and Ted Rall have in common?! They both begin with T.

Ted Rall has a particularly interesting name, only 7 letters. He wrote last week that his last name was the the answer to a crossword puzzle in the LA Times! That, my friends, is fame for a cartoonist. His website is only 4 letters, rall. That’s neat.

On Gocomics he is the most often subscribed to person in Editorial Cartoons. (I am number 5 from the bottom. In the old Gocomics of 2 months ago, which I MUCH preferred, for layout, presentation of the cartoons, favorite stars – which actually worked then- they also compared length of time on the site, and numbers of cartoons up, when they listed subscriber numbers. Now, they don’t, even though I’m the newest cartoonist in there. I just look unpopular.)

Of course, I could be both. :)

I couldn’t remember Tom Tomorrow, so I just went to look him up. I mean I knew his name, but I don’t read alternative papers much. Now I see what they have in common: they both have a lot of explanation in the top of each panel. Although it appears TT has about 3 or 4 times as much. Plus he has photoshopped photos in back of the cartoon part.

I like Ted, but I will leave it to someone else to explain why Tom Tomorrow has an Appreciation Society. I’m sure I couldn’t do him justice.

LA Times forgot Dilbert, but readers didn’t.

Dilbert isn’t an editorial cartoon, even though Scott Adams does do a lot of business topics, and knows more about business trends and management theory than any other cartoonist I’ve read. He’s even written books on this, although I’ve only read his cartoon books. Mmm, a new big fat book of Dilbert cartoons and some cookies to munch, and I’m in heaven!

But he is topical, and the LA Times runs him in the Business section; he’s the only cartoon in there. I remember the first time he appeared there; apparently there was some infighting in the Times as to who would get him, Business or Comics, and Business won. They made an announcement like they’d won the Olympics! read more

TMZ likes Michael Jackson more than Mark Sanford.

I like reporting on the media. But how many mirrors does the world really need? I don’t care, I find it fascinating to reflect on what newspeople think is news, and how they report it.

If fate is right, that means eventually someone will report on me reporting on the media reporting on the news – perhaps one of those hate liberal blogs.

I remember watching the TMZ head honcho, Harvey Levin, back when he reported on the OJ trial. He was a good reporter/lawyer. I don’t know how or when he turned to sleaze and  getting crap about celebrities, but I guess he’s a staple on Hollywood news now. I never go to the blog – too much vulgarity -but I’ve seen the TV show in passing, which spends a lot of time on a goodlooking blond photographer, who I just found in passing, from this blog, is called Max Hodges. 

Anyway, the LA Times made a big deal as to how cool it was that TMZ  broke the MJ story before anyone else. I don’t know why that would be worth a story – they’re on the tail of anyone who’s famous or interesting all the time, anyway. But the Times will never waste a good excuse to suck up to Hollywood! (True, but I love Hollywood, too, so I don’t mind.)

But the Jackson drama puts the spotlight on TMZ at a delicate time. Its tactics have stoked growing outrage among publicists and government officials. Its tabloid sensibilities have

Is Blagojevich as bad as Madoff? No.

Who is going to hell, Blagojevich or Madoff? I don’t know, I’m not Catholic.

Blagojevich cartoon and Madoff cartoon

But I have to admit, I have a soft spot, a very soft spot, for Mafia type people. Men with power, um, yum.

I was fascinated by Blago and the way he insinuated himself into the news, and even on talk shows. He was the master of his own domain! What chutzpah, to go out there and say, I’m innocent, because I say so. I told a friend of mine,  Blagojevich is like OJ Simpson, but smarter.  

Graduation chuckles for the undereducated crowd.

graduation cartoon with chuckles
Graduation thoughts: Choose fonts for resume, Look for good unemployment, Daytime TV. ©D. Barstow

What to do with your new diploma? Ewww, I hate daytime television! Never ever watch it. Even though I do like talk shows.

And I’ll never get unemployment, now that I’m self-employed. :( :( :( :(

I do like fonts, however. I got this idea after I read someone on MySpace who wrote, seriously, that he had just finished his 5-year plan, and now he just had to find a font for it. It still makes me laugh! Maybe I’ll redo this resume dealie next year.

Frankly, I hope these grads get off their duff, do some real work, and go buy my books. read more