I miss my computer. Backup, you peeps!!

Thanks to those of you still here! Have been pounding the heart of my computer for 10 days trying to make it live. Right before Christmas I got spyware from a large site (yes, that has many cartoons, which is shocking enough. What kind of person likes cartoons and also sends spyware out?)

I used Kaspersky Antivirus once before, and actually bought a copy, which I never activated – and yet the site told me it is already out of commission. So I downloaded the new trial version. Next morning…it locked me out. Totally. I thought it was my fault for 3 days, that the password I had written down for Windows XP was wrong. Nope. I couldn’t even get in through safe mode, or any form of safe mode.

Kaspersky didn’t reply to my email, and had no answering service. No one helped on their forum.