Take this election cartoon to the voting booth with you today.

read this cartoon before you go to the voting poll
"It's a poll. And I'll call you a weenie if you're undecided."

Well, the big day is here. I doubt anyone will be looking at cartoons today, but life goes on, as do blogs and bloggers, so here I am.

And no, I’m not undecided! I’m very decided!

I’m really worried about Yes on Proposition 2. It’s about pigs and veal, but mostly about chickens, since California is apparently an egg state. I did not know that. They want farmers to give hens more room, instead of having NO room in cages to use their wings, stand, sit, anything. Seems like it’s not too much to ask. The animals are alive on this green earth. Not for long (egg hens are allowed to live for only about 6 months), which is even more reason for them to have a few moments of happiness and peace.

Eggs would cost a penny more under Prop 2. But the farmers are wailing that it will put them out of business… and we’ll have to get eggs from Mexico…or China! Hee! I hope eggs travel well!

The drawing
I like the angle. I wish I had some of his popcorn. The phone is kind of old, but a princess phone is always good to have when there’s an earthquake, and you need a landphone.

But is she really a nice person, calling someone a name? Yeah, totally. Nicer than I would be!