Sarah Palin cartoon is a five-letter word.

Sarah Palin cartoon, pit bull and barracuda circling
"What's a 5-letter word for a woman who's both a barracuda and a pitbull?" ┬ęD.Barstow 2009

I don’t know, tell me. I don’t do crossword puzzles, I do Soduku. (Actually, my favorites are logic problems.)

But you know who they’re talking about here, right? Did I get the animals right? And the word they might be thinking of? Only a few more days left to love this cartoon! Not to say anything negative about Sarah Palin – she’s taken enough teasing. But the election will be over, and then things will become clearer. This cartoon can be taken a couple of different ways. (Hey, it’s more original than commenting on Sarah’s farking hair.)

Note: no swear words appear in this post, but feel free to use your imagination. And yes, two 5-letter words come to mind right away, and they’re not proper names.

The Drawing
I’m not sure if the perspective here is totally right. I do know her desk is right. It’s an antique, with a brand new laptop on it. She has a pleasant view of the backyard as she writes a note to a friend. The cartoon as reproduced is too small to see that her eyes are serious, bordering on annoyed. However, they have a hot marriage.

PS. I still do cartoons that I think are funny, not to get someone elected. So don’t go thinking you know which way I roll.

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