How to use pop culture to influence your editor.

One might consider this an example of poor boundaries on my end, or simply showing my hand, but I’m going to divulge a little trick that cartoonists or writers might want to use when working with an editor.

Act as if paying that month’s rent isn’t all that. Have fun in spite of the tanking stock market. Be playful.

I wrote to an editor that has never bought any cartoons from me before. After listing some key positives about my writing and cartoons,  and encouraging her to buy something, I closed with this:

As the 1-800 Dentist might say, “Seriously. It’s time.”

Most likely she laughed and laughed, as she hit the delete button.

(This assumes you know the 1-800 Dentist ads. I love them so much, with that wise-cracking east coast actress,  [Suzi Barrett, according to the 1-800 Dentist himself, who comments below!!] that I turn the sound ON for them. I can’t wait for new ones!)

2 thoughts on “How to use pop culture to influence your editor.”

  1. Thanks for noticing! We just shot 6 more spots with Suzi Barrett–I think she’s brilliant and a total discovery on our part. She’s never done film or TV before, but I think there is a huge career ahead for her. She’s a gifted improviser as well, performing in LA regularly.

    May your cartoonist’s life thrive!


  2. Thanks for commenting, 1-800 Fred! I will definitely look for those ads. I stop for them anyway, but can’t wait to see the new ones!

    And I hope Suzi Barrett gets the attention and awards due her. You really have made her a star!

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