The mysterious and funny Jones is in my top 8.

Oh, I guess I should say I have lots of great, great friends in MySpace, but some are more special than others.

I don’t know who Jones is, and I can’t remember how we became (MySpace) friends. Is he a sitcom writer? A latenight standup comedian? He seems to have a lot of friends from Phil Hendrie… Or is he just an ordinary funny Joe? In any case, I hope he’s very highly paid.

I check out his bulletins every time I spot one. (And on MySpace, a good portion of bulletins are mind-numbing tedious surveys of 30 or 40 questions that explore WHO YOU REALLY ARE, in case you forget.) Here’s Jones’ latest bulletin (which looks mysteriously like a Facebook quiz.)

*What do you think of hump Wednesday?
It’s O.K.
*What about threesome Tuesday?
I’ve never experienced it.
*Just regular Tuesday?
*What about masochistic Monday?
Yes–I’m very familiar with that.
*Are you looking forward to third trimester Thursday?
I try to not look too far ahead…so no.
*What about
I’m exhausted–we’re done.